Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fabulous Friday....a day late!


I am so excited to announce things will be looking very different around here soon. I am getting a custom blog designed! I am so excited. I found Tenille at
who designs the cutest blogs I have ever laid my eyes on, and now I will have one!

She is amazingly good at what she does, and I would suggest taking a peak at her blog, and checking out her work, especially if your in the market for a new blog design. Tenille will most certainly meet your needs.

So this friday my fabulous find would be her blog site, I cannot wait till my new design is up. It has been a fun process too. Tenille includes you in every process and really wants your input. I haven't had much to say because it already looked amazing the first time I got to preview it!

Have a Great weekend!


  1. I love your blog! So cute! Do you have the web address for the blog designer?

  2. Thank you, yes I do it is and she is sooo amazing!