Monday, May 3, 2010

Random things about me and my life


Okay I am going to try to be random in hopes you get to know me better!

1. I picked up a camera after watching Deep End of the Ocean in 2000, and I haven't stopped taking pictures. When I have a camera in my hand, I feel at home, which feels so good.

2. I've wanted to be an actress, gymnast, judge, pastor,doctor, photographer and nurse.

3. I love the smell of laundry, especially when your on a walk and you walk by someones house and just get a huge overwhelming smell of fresh linens...mmm lol

4. My favorite subject in school was biology.

5. I am 5'5

6. I lost 50 lbs since Dec. 2009

7. I have never broke a bone or had surgery

8. I love the number 8

9. I get a little ocd about certain things im passionate about, and right now that is blogging!

10. I drive a hatch back, but thought it was an suv till about 1 year ago.

11. Noah's name was decided after watching the Notebook when we were 15.

12. I plan to write a memoir someday

13. I have made many attempts to sew and still haven't quite caught on.

14. I am too hard on myself 99 % of the time

15. I think we all have a purpose, and I plan on living my life to the fullest because I know this earthly life is short, and I want to make the most of it....and rock it!

oh and lastly the jeans I have on the picture are pre kids clothes and took me 1 year 7 months to get back into...but yay I did it, and now I don't like the jeans wouldn't ya know!

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