Saturday, May 1, 2010

Whata night!

I took the kids to the park when Gracelynne got up from her nap, (Noah no longer naps :( ) and we were having a good time. Gracelynne has mastered the BIG slide and she goes down it like a pro over and over. Noah on the other hand is a little intimidated by the big slide. So me being the rockin' mom I am ;) go down it with him. Well gracie wanted to ride with us down, so I had them both on my lap, and her little leg got stuck between me and the slide and she started to scream. Now Gracie is a tough little cookie, she hardly cries, and she was crying so hard I was scared she wasn't breathing. I tried to console her, and after about 3 or 4 mintutes (which seemed like 20 or 30 mins.) I realized this wasn't a little ouchie, my baby was really hurting. I had to carry her home, while pulling the wagon and watching to make sure Noah was following.

When we got home I packed the diaper bag and off to the ER. They did xrays and found no break. The dr told me to check in with Gracie's dr. on Monday if she is still having a hard time. Gracelynne can't even walk she starts to cry and falls to the floor. I feel so helpless. I am praying it is just sore and tomorrow she will be as good as new, doing her usual stuff: running around and getting into everything!


Being a parent is hard, and nothing is harder then seeing your child in pain. It hurts, I so badly wanted to take all her pain away and I can't. But, I can pray for her and I know god will take care of her!

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