Monday, May 3, 2010

Update On Miss Gracelynne

So Saturday night we did not sleep good, she woke up at 4 am so she came to bed with me and spent the next 4 hours tossing and turning. We got up at 8am and she continued to cry and complain about her foot. She couldn't stand or walk at all. I felt so bad.

I called the after hours/ weekend pediatrics clinic and got an appointment. We were there for 3 hours where they did another set of x-rays this time on her foot and ankle. The dr. was surprised when he saw no break or fracture. He said because of the amount of pain she was having he thinks something is wrong in there it is just not showing up on the x-ray. He went ahead and splinted her left foot and said to follow up with her dr. on Friday.

She has been doing a lot better pain wise, but she is constantly trying to take off the splint, poor girl. Hopefully this week goes by fast and she is all better when we go in and get it checked out on Friday.


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