Sunday, September 26, 2010

Look what I found!

I've been looking for new bedding for about a week now as a wedding gift to myself...oh and my husband I guess too ;-) and I came across this at Macys, it is by Martha Stewart (love her) and I just fell in love, it's a 24 piece set. Can you believe that? And the very best part is the price tag I think it's 140.00 for a queen-I just love me a good deal! I am going to Macy sometime very soon and hopefully they will have it in stock so I don't have to wait for shipping!

Oh and I now have 7 followers all who I adore :-) I plan to do a little giveaway when I hit 10, I better start blogging more often so I don't lose anyone LOL

Friday, September 24, 2010

In styles- On My mind

Fun play along questions from in style

Morning perk...Coffee preferably starbucks white mocha!
Fall fetish...Glade oil candles the new fall scents are AMAZING!
Guilty Pleasure...Jersey Shores...ugh did I admit to that aloud!?!
Gametime...Noah has a big thing for baseball, I always get to be the pitcher :-)
Signature Scent...I own far too many perfumes, but my new favorite and go to scent for now is True by Faith Hill, best part it was $24 at Kohls. Love it.
Just saw...The season premiere of Greys Anatomy and boy was it good!
"If I ever get out of here, I'm having my eyes lasered."
Workout... Not enough unless house remodeling counts?
Favorite happy hour...hmmm let me think about that one, probably two dollar tuesday at dutch bros hehe
New hobby...Crotcheting im making a blanket (I swear im going to finish it) and Im really far its for the new addition
Dream vacation...Staying at paradise island in the bahamas!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Noah goes to preschool

Yup my lil 3 year old boy went to preschool. He LOVED it, he had been talking about going all summer long. After long and hard search for the, "perfect" preschool I picked a little christian preschool in a new church. I just kept coming back to this one and felt like it was the right one for my lil lion! So on Sept. 14th I got my lil man up and dressed for school. He is usually not a morning person but the second he heard preschool he was outta that bed just as fast as can be!

When we got to the preschool he went right into his classroom and started playing with everything, when I told him I was going to leave he said, "You be right back" and I said, "Yup momma will be right back as soon as preschool is over," he said, "OK" and I said success!

When I picked him up he was in a great mood, the teacher told me he had trouble sitting still for the story and he's 3 :-) I read in positive parenting that a 3 year old has more energry than any other age group-makes sense!

Here are some pictures I took that day!

Monday, September 6, 2010

My little girl

My little girl is stubborn, she has and will do things on her own time. She loves to do things that terrify her mother, like climb up the slide, and run on the couch. My little girl loves minnie mouse, loves her big brother who she sometimes calls gracelynne and loves to eat. She sings beautiful and her smile litghts the room, her belly laughs are contagious. My little girl is my little angel whom I loved before I met her, and dreamed of how beautiful she would be, and she is that and more and best of all she is my little girl!

12 weeks, movin right along :-)

Funny when I was pregnant the first time It couldnt have moved any slower, and with Miss Gracelynne it just flew by, probably because I was busy with little man, he was only 11 months old when she was born (yes I know what causes this LOL frequent question Im asked in random places by strangers, I laugh it off and say, " I think we may have figured it out ;-) ) Anyways, this time it has been going by fast, but I order these stickers off Etsy, and want to take pictures of my soon to big ole belly :-) Here are the 12 weeks pictures!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fall is almost here, so let the decorating begin!

So I have been waiting out the end of summer, to welcome my favorite season: fall. I love fall here in Oregon, the leaves, all the colors, the crisp hair, everything is so beautiful. Come Sept. 1st I was ready for summer to come to an end and welcome fall with open arms. I made a trip to the good ole dollar tree and this is what all I came up with!

This is my window decor above my sink, everything but apothocary jar is the dollar tree, the jar was $9 at Ross :-)

My dollar tree wreath, LOVED how it turned out!

These are in my windows by my dining table, love the dollar store apples!

And last but not least, my table, I love the cute little pumpkins!

Still have a lot more I want to do, but it's got the feel of fall around here, and let me tell ya Im likin it, a whole lot :-) I am trying to get the front porch in the fall spirit too! I will post more pictures when I accomplish that!