Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Noah goes to preschool

Yup my lil 3 year old boy went to preschool. He LOVED it, he had been talking about going all summer long. After long and hard search for the, "perfect" preschool I picked a little christian preschool in a new church. I just kept coming back to this one and felt like it was the right one for my lil lion! So on Sept. 14th I got my lil man up and dressed for school. He is usually not a morning person but the second he heard preschool he was outta that bed just as fast as can be!

When we got to the preschool he went right into his classroom and started playing with everything, when I told him I was going to leave he said, "You be right back" and I said, "Yup momma will be right back as soon as preschool is over," he said, "OK" and I said success!

When I picked him up he was in a great mood, the teacher told me he had trouble sitting still for the story and he's 3 :-) I read in positive parenting that a 3 year old has more energry than any other age group-makes sense!

Here are some pictures I took that day!

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