Thursday, April 29, 2010

Im not too old to get in trouble

Ahh man humilated myself tonight in class (I'm going to school to be a nurse, im in the final tough leg of pre-reqs for the RN program). We were talking about the coxal bone and she was talking about how when elderly woman break it its like a death sentence. The whole room kinda got quiet and it seemed a little stiff. I was thinking that seems a little serious, not to mention harsh. Then she says that was probably a little bit dramtic and it doesn't necessarily lead to death . I turned to my friend and said, " Ah man, if I break my hip im gonna think back to this and get on my death bed", We both laughed a little and then the teacher said something along the lines, "Do you girls want to talk," and I said, "No thats ok sorry and she went on to say, "Whats so funny on your phones" and I said, "it wasn't are phones it was the death sentence, I just dont wanna break my hip," and she gave me this look like wow you are so stupid and she said,"okaaay" and that is when everyone glared at me and if looks could kill id be 6ft under. I wanted to die right there.....maybe from a broken coxal bone.

In this moment I was truly embarressed, but this is where one of those lessons happens. Yes, I acted a little silly, but the teacher was also a little up tight. I apologized and now I'm going to move on, and try to punish myself anymore, because the glares were enough!

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