Friday, April 23, 2010

Welcome To My Blog


These are my beautiful children. This was one of those perfect moments, the moments that I believe life is all about. I live for moments like these. When they happen they are magical.

Noah is my first born, he is my little cuddle bug. He is very smart, loving, compassionate, more of a planner than that lil doll of a sister he has. Gracelynne is exactly 11 months 1 week younger than Noah. She is spunky, very energetic, not a planner- more of the fly by the seat of her pants...or diaper kind-a-girl. She is also smart, but then add sneaky and sometimes we get trouble.

I became a mom at a very young age, and that brings certain challenges of it's own. Their dad has been gone out of our life for about 1 year and 7 months, and not by choice, we may talk about that more later.

I am in school to be a nurse. I am just finishing up my pre-reqs though, so I still have about 2 years left, give or take some. I love school. I find it relaxing from my home life!

I love photography, how pictures can capture those perfect moments and you can keep them forever. I love fashion, and design. I try to be crafty, but that doesnt always turn out great. I am a little spacey and don't finish all my projects, that is something I'm working on, hey we all have room for self impromant right ? Well, that is just a little introduction, the official start to my new blog...I think my 4th attempt at a blog, I really hope this one sticks!

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