Monday, April 26, 2010

Dinner time at my house...


Dinner can be a stressful time, the kids are usually terrorizing each other while I am cooking, so that makes me a chef and a referee.

Tonight was no different. I try to serve dinner about 6:00. In between the fights, them breaking out the finger paints, (that they were using on the coffee table) dinner wasn't even ready till 7ish.

Noah is really picky, trying to get him to eat is a task. It can be frustrating. His pediatrician doesn't seem to be concerned, and she said unlike adults- young children know when they are hungry, so I try to not stress and just let him eat when he is hungry. If he doesn't eat at dinner I put it up and heat it up when he is hungry later.

Gracelynne once again is polar opposite from her brother. She eats great...sometimes too great. Gracie loves all foods, she is not picky in the slightest, she loves spicy food.

It just reminds me once again how my children are so different and so perfect in their own little ways. And my life can be hectic, and stressful but I wouldn't trade it for anything, I really wouldn't. Noah and Gracelynne have already brought me so much happiness, I look forward to each and everyday because they are in it. I am truly truly blessed.

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