Monday, August 16, 2010

News, news and more news!!

Where to begin when I have been such a blog slacker. So last time I posted we went to Arizona. July is an eventful month because both Noah and Gracelynne's birthdays are in July.

Gracie turned 2 years old on July 7th :-) We went to Red Robin where she ordered Mac & Cheese! We came home and did presents. Her favorite was her new Jessie doll from Toy Story. She also got a trike, which she can already peddle by herself. She had a minnie mouse cake, because minnie is her new favorite! It was a great day, I cannot believe my little baby girl is already 2!

Noah turned 3 July 28th. We had a joint birthday for them at a Pizza Parlour. It went very well, almost everyone showed and the kids were spoiled! Noah had a Toy Story themed party, it was really cute!

And as of August 11, 2010 I am a married woman! The kids dad and I have been together 7 years in December and we decided one morning to get married (we were already engaged) and I made the plans and we got married that night at 7:30. It was simple and beautiful and so perfect. I am so happy I made the last minute decision. Just my parents, his best friend, my two best friends came. I loved how simple it all was, there was no fuss or hoopla!

And the biggest announcement of all is March 26th, 2011 we are expecting the arrival of our 3rd child. March 26th was my sisters birthday, I just think this is a miracle and such a blessing. We are also not going to peek, and wait till the baby is born to find out if we are having a baby boy or little baby girl! Noah is very excited and wants a brother, and guess what Gracie wants a sister-go figure!


  1. Ahh congrats!! This is so exciting! I'm happy for all of you! Take care of that babe!