Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Show us your life-things that you love

Wow where do I began well here of course these lil angels make me so happy, I love them so much!

I love my momma, I have been and will be always a momma's girl!

I love my girlfriends, nothing is better. They are the ones who back me, keep me sane and i'm grateful for the few good ones I have.

I love Starbucks, just seeing the sign excites me!

I love a good book. Reading is an escape for me, I love to just get wrapped up in what I'm reading.

I love fall. The smell, the leaves, pumpkins costumes it is amazing!

I love taking vacations, experencing new cultures and soaking up foreign sun.

I love to look at the world through my children's eyes, they see beauty in places I forget about.

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