Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Tonight I have been feeling a little down, feeling like don't have my life where it should be. And when saying should be I'm not sure by who's standards I'm expecting myself to reach; mine, yours, gods, everyone hmm not sure who's I want to meet, maybe all of them!

I am 21 years old, and have almost 3 children under the age of 3 years old! I am a very young momma and wife! I have been going to school the last three years to complete my pre-reqs in order to get into the RN program. Where I live you have to get straight A's to even have a chance to get into the program. SO I've worked hard and slowly at doing so. I'm really in my last leg of my pre-reqs, I should feel very proud of myself, but I've been feeling inadequate tonight. I'm not sure why, I'm doing very well(yup say it again Mikayla ;-) ) and no one I know has their career yet who is my age, no one kids or no kids! I'm almost to my goal of getting into the RN program, I'm making my dream come true! I have three beautiful babies who have blessed me beyond my imagination, I never in my life imagined to be a young mother, and to have three kids, but I am happy so happy. I feel like I was meant to be a mother a not any mother a mother to these three children who god gave to me!!!

I was thinking about god's role in my life, and how is my center in my thoughts, morals, decisions, I try to encompass him in all that I do. So, when I get these feelings of doubt, sadness who better to turn to than my father? I felt reassured that no matter what plan I have for myself, for my family that god has a planned perfectly planned how for me, wow isn't that the best! He doesn't think I'm behind, or not good enough in fact I'm on his path and while I'm not quite certain what that is or where it goes I know if I trust in him it will be good, and has been he has blessed me with so much, and I'm truly grateful for that and for these little ones who make my life 1000000000000 times better!

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