Thursday, October 7, 2010

Baby names!

Let me start out by saying I love baby names! I was a yahoo best answers in baby names for months, but boy did that get old fast!

It was so easy picking our childrens names in the past because Roger and I had picked out names when we were 15...weird I know! Noah Michael was for sure our first boy name and Gracelynne Ann Marie till my sister passed away in 2007 and it became Gracelynne Destini. We also had the Name Olivia-Kate and Jackson I think. Well we kind of out grew the name Olivia due to its high popularity. And so this pregnancy we have actually had to think about names.

Our names as of right now are Riley no middle name yet, im pulling for Riley Hudson or Hudson Riley if I get my way (dont count on it though) and I might not even get Hudson for the middle name, only time will tell. But Im a little apprehensive about the name Riley because it's used as a girl name like 90% of the time, so I may be on the boy name search....

Girl name is Scarlett im 100% sold-in love with this name, although I don't think most people are in love with it, that doesnt really matter to me. So middle names are maybe going to be Scarlett Jillian, Scarlett Elizabeth or Scarlett Robyn after my momma!

What names do you currently love?

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  1. I'm having a terrible time thinking of names for this baby. I know we are having a girl, but I don't even like all of my left over names from my first girl anymore! I have a short list, but I haven't really told anyone except my husband because I fear the negative comments! Good luck in your name decision :)